Website Yayasan Bina Insani Indonesia Kendari


About Origin and Development of Organisation

The foundation had started by social activities since 1982 that focused on vocational training and guidance for unemployment and the youth who drop out from school. It’s by now, the situation had been changed so fast on the other welfare and to conserve the natural resouces sustainable around them. So then, on September 1991 its formally estabilished.

Year of Estabelishment/Registration

Since September, 19, 1991 Yayasan Bina Insani Indonesia ( INSANI ) was formally establishhed/registered as local NGO with notary Ny. R.A.B.G. Sri Wihardjani K. Prastowo, SH with number 12.

Legal Status and type of organisation

Yayasan Bina Insani Indonesia is abbreviated with INSANI, it is an independent, non- profit and non- governmental organization. INSANI was registered as local NGO with notary deed on September, 19, 1991. In addition, INSANI has been adjustment legal status to new yayasan law number 16 year 2001 and number 28 year 2004 at notaries Hidayat on January 2, 2007 and also registerd in the Body Union National and Society Protection of Southeast Sulawaesi Indonesia.